LoweBlue Bio

Lowell Blue grew up in a 1954 Belair station wagon as the son of an air force pilot, and mom, a student of the concert piano, traversing the globe and crossing the U.S. a half dozen times before it finally stopped in a once rural town in northern Utah. Influenced by a myriad of artists, Lowell heard music from many, and settled not on one, but from all.

Elvis was his first musical memory, but the Beatles, the British invasion and rock and roll were definitely his greatest influences at the time. When the kids around the school-yard were playing air-guitar mimicking John or Paul, Lowell was quietly stealing the show while actually playing his Silvertone and singing, all at the ripe old age of 10. Times and tuning were tough until at 11, he got his first nice guitar, a Framus, from an Oklahoma pawn shop. It was all and everything from that point on.

As the new kid in town, Lowell established his junior high reputation as the first to play live in the talent show assembly. Keeping up his acoustic chops, he was then inspired by his older brother to join a band, beginning 30 plus years of week-end-warrioring, playing clubs, bars, road-houses and wedding gigs as front-man, blues-harp and guitar slinger, all within the mountain states area. It was bitter-sweet, but his acoustic roots were always his priority, and always his first love.

Lowell’s vision and love of music seem to have kept him focused to do what he loves best, acoustic solo. Rock and roll, bluegrass, folk, alt, country, have all sowed the seeds of his many interpretations. Arrangements are his forte, life and love his palette, and the guitar his canvas, while singing tells the stories of a life-long friendship.