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Lowell and his guitar are an acoustic force to be reckoned with. Influenced by myriad musicians, Lowell’s music is a dynamic compilation of rock, bluegrass, alternative, and country that shines with purity and originality. His compelling voice, and even more compelling style, reveal an innate vision and love of music that focuses on what he loves best: acoustic solo.


Listen to the CD
“When You Were Loving Me”
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Lowell Blue 3 Song EP
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(ph) 801.787.5316
(email) lowellcall@gmail.com

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For a limited time, I'm offering my CD "When You Were Loving Me" as a FREE download. Click the song titles below to download individual tracks or click the "Entire CD" link for a zip file that includes the full CD.

"When You Were Loving Me"

Entire CD (Size 53 MB)

Individual Tracks
1. Banjolina (prelude)
2. Save Your Life
3. Get The Blues
4. The Last Time
5. It's Alright
6. When You Were Loving Me
7. lookin' Back On Love
8. Banjolina
9. Folsom Prison Blues
10. I Walk The Line

Download Three New Tracks from Lowell Blue

1. Two Bends
2. Tell Me What
3. Boy in the Bubble